Custom instruments
from Poland

Available Instruments & Accessories

We would like to invite all guests who interested in instruments of our production to our company shop, which is placed next to our company. Various construction solutions can be tested as well as try play on guitars with different pickups configuration. You can get advice from our luthers on various topics related to our instruments. In our sho p we also have some bass guitars of MARUSZCZYK INSTRUMENTS. We are also manufacturer of guitar cases. In our offer we have cheaper covers made of “kodura” material, and covers of natural sheepskin. We are able to produce a cover for any of our instruments. Due to the fact that we are producers of guitars and bass we have a lot of different parts for these instruments in store, so we extend our offer to a whole range of parts for guitars (keys, bridges, knobs and other guitar accessories). Brands like EMG, DELANO, HAEUSSELL.